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Sanden Corporation is a Japanese, Isesaki, Gunma-based automotive equipment and electrical equipment manufacturing company and is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. In the 1990s the company started to develop energy-saving, ozone layer friendly products. Also it developed Technical Assistance Agreement with major automakers like Ford Motor Company and General Motors Company and expanded its manufacturing capabilities by opening manufacturing plants in France and Thailand. Focusing on environmentally friendly manufacturing, the company achieved zero-emission at three domestic plants (Kotobuki, Yattajima, and Sakai plants). In 2001 Sanden achieved the production of the accumulated number of 100 million compressor units and in May 2006 received the '2005 Supplier of the year' from General Motors and the 'Global Excellence Award' from Ford Motors. Also in 2005 Sanden signed a comprehensive agreement with Waseda University's Environmental Research Institute, to promote environmental technology development in business-academia collaboration. In the following years the company opened manufacturing plants in India, China, Poland and Thailand and signed partnerships with other automakers.